I am not currently teaching ASL3350: Consecutive Interpreting.

Please note: All information currently available on this site represents work and due dates relevant to a previous semester/course. Please check back during later semesters for updated information on this course. Thank you.

Contacting Me

Contacting Me

You may contact me at any time via e-mail or by arranging a meeting time before or after class. If you need to contact me, try these methods:

On campus

Catch or make an appointment with me before/after class in LA 002.


If you absolutely need to use the phone, you may call my mobile phone (ask me for the number); please do not call my home (do you really want my teenaged kids answering your important call?).

ASL & Deaf Studies Department Chair

Hopefully, you won’t need to bother my supervisor, but if you must, you can contact the ASL & Deaf Studies Coordinator, Dr. Dan Hoffman, CB 310F; (801) 921-4371 VP.