I am not currently teaching ASL439R: Resources for Professional Sign Language Interpreters.

Please note: This class is still incomplete. Please check back during later semesters for updated information on this course. Thank you.

About This Course

This course is a collaborative seminar designed to 1) bring students and the professional signed language interpreter community together to 2) create an up-to-date, online open-source resource of professional practices, standards, and support materials. Upon successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate abilities in:

  1. academic and materials research, especially of current market forces and resources un/available to working SL interpreters
  2. compiling existing and writing/editing original articles for public use
  3. collaborative learning and networking with local/national interpreter practitioners and UVU ASL & Deaf Studies interpreter graduates
  4. evaluating and applying varieties of publishing, communication, and content development technologies
  5. understanding philosophies of open educational resources, Creative Commons licensing, and professional development within the SL interpreting community
  6. (preparing a presentation/paper for the Deaf Studies Today! international conference)

When completed, students will not only have created a self-published book and earned a publishing credit, but also will have created a live and vital resource for the community in which they intend to work. They also will have initiated network possibilities in their own cohort and with local and national private-practice interpreters.

A significant portion of this course requires self-directed efforts (asychronously working with other teammates) and fairly good command of web-based technologies and learning environments (video creation, salient discussion and reporting skills; we’ll discuss this more in class).


What others have said about this course:

“...I learn more just from watching [the] lecture. He knows his stuff.”

“...Uses good interactive examples in class to demonstrate concepts that were originally harder to understand. Awesome signer. Very clear. Lots of experience in interpreting...”

“...He actually knows what he’s talking about...”

“...Always willing to stop and deepen a discussion as needed...leaves space for student involvement.”

“...I love this class and learning so much!...very visual in his teaching, which helps me, and is knowledgeable about the subject.”

Note: All downloadable files—class notes, syllabi, and other handouts—are saved in PDF formats and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If the computer you are using does not have Acrobat or the Acrobat browser plugin, you can download it free.