I am not currently teaching ASL3370: Sign to Spoken English Interpreting.

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Constructing message and meaning


Constructing Meaning (Colonomos)

Colonomos’ “orange sheet.” This diagram helps to explain where, how, and what meaning is derived in a speaker’s/signer’s discourse. All of these constituent domains add up to a speaker’s/signer’s intention. (Don’t download this unless you lose the orange copy handed out in class.)

Affect (Colonomos)

Colonomos’ “blue sheet.” This description of affect defines two constituents of affect: text (form/lexical units only, no speaker intonation, expressions, gestures, etc.) and person (speaker expressions, intonation, gestures, eye behaviors). Incorporating these components from the source message helps the resulting interpretation to be more equivalent. (Don’t download this unless you lose the blue copy handed out in class.)