15/May 2023 Friends and colleagues, after twenty-plus years of manual maintenance (and neglect) and a need to connect with more practitioners and audiences, it's time for a massive overhaul of this site. Unfortunately, my recent research and work in our space is found behind Canvas walls and so I'll be spending the summer trying to figure out how to reclaim this space. Please LMK if you want to talk more. ✌️ DS

Course materials and research for sign language interpreters and students.

Please pardon the dust as these sites are being cleaned up. Some class sites are currently being retrofitted to display correctly in browsers and on mobile devices. Thanks for your patience.

This site is currently primarily for use by Utah Valley University American Sign Language Interpreting classes, where I currently teach. Class schedules, course objectives, syllabi, topic breakdowns, assignment expectations, and reading materials are be found under each specific class site. Or you can always try searching for what you need up above. There’s also information about me and UVU’s ASL/Deaf Studies program and interpreting-related courses.


Spring ’19 Spring ’18 Spring ’17 Spring ’16 This course is an introduction to the process and skills required to produce bidirectional English-bound signing-to-spoken English language transliterations between Deaf and nondeaf people.

Consecutive Interpreting

Fall ’17 Fall ’16 Fall ’15 Fall ’14 This course introduces students to theory, skills, and processes required to produce consecutive interpretations and focuses on developing basic abilities required to interpret rehearsed and/or spontaneous texts.

Sign-to-Spoken English Interpreting

Spring ’15 Spring ’14 Using this temporary site for the Fall 2019 semester. This course is an introduction to the skills and processes required to produce conceptually accurate and linguistically appropriate spoken-language interpretations of ASL texts.

Introduction to Interpreting

Fall ’13 This course is an introduction to bidirectional (ASL-to-English and English-to-ASL) interpreting between Deaf and nondeaf people. Upon completion, this course will help prepare candidates to take the Utah State and/or RID NIC written examination.

Cross-Cultural Communication and Interpretation

This course is a continuation of ASL 3310, but focuses more heavily on 1) interpreting with special emphasis on intercultural communication, and 2) the development of language understanding with respect to intercultural communication.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This course is an continuation of the process, skills, and theory required to produce spoken-English to signed and signed-to-spoken English language interpretations between Deaf and nondeaf people.

Professional Resources for Sign Language Interpreters

This course is a collaborative seminar bringing students and the professional interpreter community together to create an online open-source resource of professional practices, standards, and support materials. Join us.

Future Classes

We’re working on a new teaming course, improving how we talk about introduction to the field, better developing personal interaction skills, and bringing best-practice behaviors to interpreting students and potential CDI candidates. I’d love your input. Where are the strengths and weaknesses in this pedagogy?