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The Academic Advisors

Hi, It’s great to meet with you today. My name is , and I’m an academic advisor for the Art and Visual Communications department here at the College. I understand that you’ve come to talk about our two-year degree and the requirements for graduation. Great.

To earn an A A S in Art and Visual Communications, we divide up our degree requirements into three general areas: general education, or GE, requirements; core program requirements, and then finally, specialty core requirements.

So, first of all, GE requirements. This is 16 credit hours total and you’ll need to complete English 10 10, Intro to Writing, Math 10 10, Algebra, and Art 27 10, Art History.

Next are five classes (that’s 15 credit hours) of Core requirements. These are classes such as 2D Design, Drawing, Photography, and a Portfolio class; that’s where you learn to present your work to a future employer.

Finally, there are specialty requirements. Let’s say you wanted to do an emphasis on design and illustration: you would need to take more specific skill classes, subjects like graphics, an advanced drawing class, color theory, and, one of our more popular classes, figure drawing.

So, that’s an introduction to the major. I’ve got a few papers and forms for you to take if you’d like. Do you have any questions for me?

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