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Semantic Exercises

From http://intrpr.info/library/stringham-intralingual-semantics.pdf

I won’t put up with it any longer.

Do you think you’ll ever catch up on your work?

Will you take over for me?

Please turn off the lights.

I was taken off the list.

I hope our plans don’t fall through.

Please put it there on the table.

My wish came true.

I was turned down again.

He looks up to his father for guidance.

The children made fun of the little boy.

I couldn’t get up this morning.

Strike out that last sentence.

Look over this carefully.

The story was all make believe.

My birthday falls on a Monday this year.

These are trying times.

Don’t quit now, it’s almost over.

Will you come over later?

Please pick up your shoes.

It’s my turn to write.

She’s a knock out.

We used up all the ketchup.

I recognized her as she came across the room.

I’ll look into it first thing tomorrow.

The kitchen sink ran over this morning.

I was just about to give up.

Let’s take a walk.

She did a take off on the queen

Keep out of my room!

I played dumb so he would go away.

Be careful not to fall behind in your studies.

Three large fish got away.

We’ll have around 10 people to our party.

He took credit for the story.

Keep this secret to yourself.

Make sure you have the right one.

I had to put down $100 on the new coat.

The house is somewhere around here.

We’re going out tomorrow night.

I came across a silver dollar yesterday.

He took the blame for the accident.