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Activities: Activity 8.1

From Kelly, p. 74

Now, have you ever run into the problem of misplacing something, like your keys, and then not been able to find them? I sense we have all shared this experience every now and then. I remember one time when this happened to me. I was sent a list of names, and I decided to put the list in a safe place, so I could easily find it later. Well, later became now and I needed that list.

So I began searching for the list in some possible places, but with no luck. Now I was upset. I knew I had put it in a safe place, but why was it so diffcult to find now? So I did something I suspect we all do from time to time, I now began to search through the same places I had just finished going through. Now, don’t you think that was clever. You see, if I couldn’t find the list, I would have to admit I lost it and then ask for another one.

Now I didn’t plan to lose the list and I didn’t want to admit I had lost it. But now I can tell you, I found the list, where I thought I left it, in my desk, where I now keep all important papers.

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