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Kelly, Activity 3.2 (Maintaining Meaning and Form)

Kelly, J. (2001). Transliterating: Show Me the English. Alexandria, VA: RID Press.

What happens if a parent is removed from the home by death or divorce?

The effects of losing a mother are quite different to a family than the effects of losing the father.

A single father responsible for children often continues his working role.

He hires a caretaker to take over housekeeping and supervise his children.

When the father is missing from a family, the single mother usually works, and she may or may not hire a substitute caretaker.

The plight of single women with children seems most desperate and is increasing in frequency.

There are a number of severe problems associated with not having a father in the home.

The children can become excessively dependent on the mother.

So, what does a father mean to his family?

Boys learn how to be men by copying their fathers or other older males.

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