Contacting Me

Contacting Me

You may contact me at any time via e-mail or by arranging a meeting time before or after class. If you need to contact me, try these methods:

E-methods (most effective)

On campus

Catch or make an appointment with me before/after class in LA 003f.


If you absolutely need to use the phone, you may call my mobile phone (ask me for the number); please do not call my home (do you really want my pre-teenaged kids answering your important call?).

ASL & Deaf Studies Department Chair

Hopefully, you won’t need to bother my supervisor, but if you must, this semester you can contact Flavia Fleischer, Program Coordinator (flavia.fleischer (at) For super serious reasons, contact the ASL & DS Coordinator, Dr. Bryan Eldredge, LA003f; (801) 863-8529 V/VP.